Great Value for Money

We want to be completely upfront, so have listed out all of Rowan Block Management’s fees.  We’re so confident in our value for money approach that we’re willing to offer new clients flexible contracts with no fixed terms so you’re not locked in for long periods.  Rowan Block Management annual fees are split into standard and additional, but we can tailor our offering to your specific requirements. The standard fee covers the essential range of services, which the majority of our blocks need year on year (such as accounting and organising the maintenance), whereas the additional fees is for specialist services (such as major works building projects) and that’s why these are charged at an hourly rate.   In addition to block management services our specialist rent invoicing and collection service for commercial clients is charged out at a fixed fee. If you require any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fee Summary

Standard Service Fee

Commercial: £200-£300 + vat*

Residential: £200-£300 + vat**

Prices per annum, per unit

Additional Service Fee

Commercial: £50 + vat

Residential: £50 + vat

Prices per hour

Rent Invoicing Service

Commercial: 10% of the annual rental income

* Based on a standard block management service for one standard sized office or industrial building.
** Based on a standard block management service for one standard sized apartment or house.

Standard Versus Additional Fee Breakdown

Managing Your Block

Standard: Setup/Switch to Rowan
Additional: Right to Manage / Buy the Freehold

Financial Accounting

Standard: Annual Budgeting / Insurance Mediation / Credit Control / Financial Reporting

Managing Building Works

Standard: Service Contracts / Repairs & Maintenance / Emergency Cover
Additional: Major Works


Standard: Health & Safety / Sustainability / Lease Management / Communication

Company Secretary

Standard: Legal / Administrative / Filing Additional: Other Responsibilities

Please note this breakdown is for indicative purposes only – there may be certain service elements, which could be classified as either standard or additional, for which the exact details would be formally agreed with clients.