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As a property manager in Lancashire, Cumbria and the Lake District we offer the full range of block management services from making sure everything is setup up correctly, getting the financial accounts in order, managing the contractor’s workmanship and prices, assessing the building’s compliance with safety regulations and carrying out all the administrative tasks of a company secretary.

We’re happy to tailor our block management services to suit your exact requirements as we appreciate from our own experience that every block is different. For instance, we also offer a rent invoicing and collection service Contact us to find out what we can do for you as a building manager Lancashire and Cumbria.

Managing Your Block

Setup with Rowan
We are a property manager in Lancashire and Cumbria who enable developers, freeholders or leaseholders of newly developed blocks to get everything setup quickly and easily. We use a tried and tested hand held approach that includes reviewing the building’s condition and implementing a long-term maintenance plan.
Switch to Rowan
In normal circumstances we use our simple and easy step by step handover process. Under certain conditions, where a simple switch is not possible and you need to prove your current block manager is at fault we can help you make a tribunal application to appoint a new manager.
Right to Manage
We can assist leaseholders wanting to take control of the management of their block even if nobody is at fault, under certain qualifying criteria. Once your eligibility has been confirmed the Leasehold & Common Reform Act 2002 prescribes a specific route which you must follow to give your RTM the best chance of success. 
Buy the Freehold
We can assist leaseholders to take control of the management of their block by buying the building’s freehold, under certain qualifying criteria. Once your eligibility has been confirmed a set route must be followed in addition to assessing a fair purchase price for the freehold. We can help you through the process. 

Financial Accounting

Annual Budgeting
As a property manager in Lancashire and Cumbria, we calculate a fair and reasonable annual service charge budget using historical data, cost analysis and our own conservative judgement. We also assess whether any additional reserve fund contributions are required for the building overtime to allow for roof/lift replacements, painting and other works.
Insurance Mediation

With insurance being one of the major annual service charge costs we work very closely with clients, brokers and insurance providers to ensure the appropriate level of insurance is in place for the building at the best value. In addition to standard building insurance and public liability you may require insurance for P&M, D&O and employment.

Credit Control
After calculating the annual service charge budget we generate and issue the service charge demands and invoices to all leaseholders on a quarterly basis. We perform credit control for any leaseholder with service charge arrears using our automated software which can issue up to 3 reminder letters if required.
Client Reporting
Our custom built software produces bespoke financial management reports for clients during the year. At the year end accounts are produced-in house and audited or certified by specialist independent accountants. The accounts are then circulated to all leaseholders in accordance with industry best practice. 

Managing Building Works

Service Contracts
We ensure appropriate annual service contracts are in place for maintaining the communal and external ares of your block during the year. Service contracts are typically used for gardening, cleaning and pest control. We regularly assess each service contract for its quality and value for money.
Repairs & Maintenance
We manage ongoing repairs and maintenance for your block using a trusted network of locally approved and independent contractors to ensure there is no conflict of interest. In order to ensure clients’ are receiving value for money, contractors are regularly tendered and trade prices on materials negotiated.
Major Works

All major works projects at your block need to be undertaken in complete compliance with Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act. We’re happy to provide section 20 consultation through to full project delivery and can introduce our team of trusted experts to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. 

Emergency Cover
We operate an out of office hours service 7 days a week, 365 days a year to make sure emergency maintenance can always be delivered to your block when required. If this service doesn’t solve your issue we have been known to personally work 24/7 to fix more complicated issues for our clients. Sadly our phones are never turned off!


Health & Safety
The H&S legislation for managing a block is increasingly exhaustive with a myriad of fire, gas & water risk assessments, electrical inspections and asbestos surveys required on a periodic basis. By regularly attending site and contracting specialist H&S firms we ensure your block is safe and fully compliant.   
UK buildings account for more CO2 emissions than any other sector and increasing legislation is forcing us to find more renewable methods for powering our homes. With years of experience working in the renewable sector we can conduct an energy audit and advise on the best energy saving measures. 
Lease Management
The relationship between the freeholder and leaseholder is governed by the lease and is the starting reference point used in all disputes. By making our clients fully aware of their rights and obligations under the lease we can limit any potential lease covenant breaches and resolve conflicts more cost effectively.  
Good communication is a key to successful block management and we aim to respond to all enquiries immediately or within 24 hours. What’s more, we’ve recently invested in an online portal, allowing clients to view real-time accounts, invoices and payment history as a few examples.

Company Secretary

Legal Responsibilities
We carry much of the responsibility for maintaining the resident management company’s existence as a legal entity. This includes establishing the registered office, maintaining statutory books and records, complying with business stationary rules and ensuring the security of all legal documents. 
Administrative Responsibilities
We take responsibility for summoning director and shareholder meetings, ensuring proceedings are recorded through formal minutes approved and signed by the chairman. For AGMs or EGMs written notice must be sent to the directors and shareholders at least 14 days in advance of the meeting. 
Filing Responsibilities
We’re responsible for filing all resident management company documents to Companies House, including the confirmation statement, directors report, financial accounts, company register and significant changes in company share capital. Filing is in compliance with legal filing deadlines to avoid late penalties, prosecution and fines.
Other Responsibilities
Our principal responsibility is always to the directors of the resident management company. Other duties we might undertake include acting as a signatory, advising the directors to ensure they comply with the articles of association and business legislation, negotiating with outside advisers such as accounts and solicitors and agreeing company contracts.